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「Date of establishment」 : 2016. 8 .22

「Location」 : 3F, Yukyung B/D, 61 Yangpeong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

「Main Businesses」

 -  Internal and external TV contents distribution and production

 -  IP platform business(format OSMU, Licensing)

 -  Copyright management

 -  Additional derivative business(MD Goods sales(Including BTS goods), Concert packaging promotion)

「Main Distribution Contents」


 - The Man's Voice(30m x 8ep), A Time to Remember(10m x 20ep), Top management(30m x 16ep),Summer Guys(30m x 10ep),  

   Somehow Family(60m x 12ep), Let me love, coffee, Take Urban, Nail shop paris, Romance with your idol, My Unfortunate boyfriend, Touching 

   you,  Boys over Flowers, Naeil's Cantabile, Tamra The Island, Playful Kiss, Go Mrs. Go, Birdie Buddy,  Melting heart, Desperate romance, How

   are you bread, Swan, By chance in Japan, Inspiring generation - the birth of the god of battle, The king loves etc. 


 -  Surfing house season 1, Idol live TV, Sing for you, Village music album etc.


 -  Tyon and taekwon heroes, Full moon factory, Gorollas, Bubbling cook season 1&2, Bubbling cook expedition Season 1&2, Dobi dobi etc.


 - Back to the Books season 1 ~ 3 

 - Korean horse route etc.


대표이사 / CEO      이  효  영 Lee Hyo Young

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